Mise en place for wedding: the 2023 trends

An essential part of any successful wedding is the mise en place, the preparation and setting up of the reception spaces. The Perfect mise en place requires careful planning and attention to detail to create the perfect atmosphere for the big day.

In this article, we will explore the wedding mise en place trends of 2023.


Choosing the right theme for the wedding

One of the first things to consider when planning your wedding mise en place is the theme. The The theme of the wedding will influence all choices relating to the mise en place, from the color of the tablecloths to the table decorations.

In 2023, there will be some wedding trends that could inspire your choice. For example, the “boho-chic” theme will continue to be popular, with its touches of nature and pastel colors.


Choice of color for the mise en place

The choice of color for the wedding mise en place it is an important element, since it will determine the general tone of the atmosphere. In 2023, there will be some trends related to the choice of colors for the mise en place.

Pastel colors will be increasingly popular, especially:


  • pale pink,
  • sage green
  • powder blue.

Furthermore, the color “Living Coral” (the color of the year 2019 according to Pantone) will still be very present, both as the main color and as a touch of color in different parts of the mise en place.


The alternative will be characterized by bright and bold colors for the mise en place. This choice will allow you to create an atmosphere of joy and vitality, with touches of color that will bring any table to life. The chosen colors will be combined together in a harmonious way, creating an engaging and stimulating visual effect.


Tablecloths and napkins

Tablecloths and napkins are essential elements of the mise en place. The trend will be that of use tablecloths and napkins in natural fabrics such as linen and organic cotton.

These fabrics are ideal span to create a rustic and natural atmosphere, which goes perfectly with elegant minimalism. Furthermore, natural fabrics are also eco-friendly, helping to make the event sustainable.


Flowers and decorations

The flowers and decorations they will be a fundamental element of the mise en place. Married couples will opt for an elegant and sophisticated decoration, using natural flowers and bouquets of various shapes and sizes to embellish the tables.

Candles will also be an important element of the decoration, with scented and colored candles that will create a romantic and intimate atmosphere.


Customized accessories

In 2023, married couples will choose personalized accessories for their mise en place.


  • cutlery with their names engraved,
  • place cards with love phrases,
  • napkins embroidered with their initials


These will be just some of the ideas for personalizing the mise en place. This choice will allow you to create an intimate and personal atmosphere, making the wedding even more special and memorable.


“Wedding mise en place” ideas for 2023

Here are some tips on how to set the table for your wedding, you are in the right place. We have selected, for you, the major current trends and identified some iconic and new styles that will be popular among contemporary wedding receptions. If you already have your idea of ​​mise en place, contact Navarria for an unforgettable wedding banqueting.


Elegant wedding mise en place

The most classic and timeless trend is undoubtedly the elegant mise en place, which has its roots in the dictates of etiquette but is made current by a pinch of informality.


This style bets on sober and neutral colors with a strong prevalence of white, sometimes punctuated with golden or silver accents for the most luxurious receptions.


To give an innovative touch, it can be found in original details such as a napkin knotted on the plate, a placemat and a particular placeholder or a centerpiece of variegated roses in different nuances, ideal for giving movement to even the most classic tables.


Shabby chic wedding mise en place

One of the most popular wedding themes at the moment is undoubtedly shabby chic, that is, that attitude to reevaluate everything that is old or worn in a romantic and very refined way.


This is what distinguishes a shabby chic wedding mise en place. Enhance recycled elements, recycled materials and objects with a retro flavor in a modern and current way.


The wedding banquet table can be set using vintage-looking plates, cutlery and glasses combined, however, with modern design items such as metal candle holders with the most varied geometric shapes or a minimal-looking glass “wedding” charger.

A detail not to be missed are the suggestive repainted wrought iron cages to be used as card holders.


Elegant minimalism

One of the most important trends for the wedding mise en place in 2023 will be elegant minimalism. The spouses will opt for arelaxed and refined atmosphere, choosing a combination of neutral colors and soft textures for the tablecloths and placemats. Elegant minimalism is an ideal choice for those who want to create a sophisticated atmosphere without being excessively sumptuous.



In conclusion, the mise en place is one of the most important details of the wedding banquet. Having clear ideas about the emotions you want to arouse during that day also involves an impeccable, romantic and original mise en place. For suggestions and ideas do not hesitate to contact us.